Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family gatherings, and a feast that delights your tastebuds. While the turkey is often the show’s star, the variety of side dishes and flavors on the Thanksgiving table can be challenging to pair with wine. This blog post will guide you through the perfect wine pairings to elevate your Thanksgiving get-together.


Turkey and Gravy: Pinot Noir

The highlight of Thanksgiving, roasted turkey, pairs wonderfully with a Pinot Noir. This red wine’s bright acidity, berry flavors, and subtle vanilla complement the turkey’s savory profile. Its versatility also allows it to harmonize with the herb-infused stuffing and gravy. Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery offers the perfect Pinot Noir that is light, fruity, and oaked to perfection!


Cranberry Sauce: Gewürztraminer

The tartness of cranberry sauce finds a friend in Gewürztraminer, a light and floral white wine. The wine’s fruit notes and hint of spice balance the cranberry sauce’s sweet and tangy flavors, creating a delicious pairing. Mackinaw Trail Winery & Brewery‘s 2021 Gewürztraminer boasts spiced notes with impeccable fruit aromas.


Mashed Potatoes: Frontenac Blanc

Creamy mashed potatoes call for a Frontenac Blanc with crisp acidity and refreshing citrus notes. This wine’s unique profile complements the potatoes’ richness, and its acidity cuts through the creaminess, leaving your palate refreshed after each bite, especially if your mashed potatoes are seasoned with garlic. Cellar 1914‘s 2019 Frontenac Blanc contains cotton candy and vanilla characteristics to bring out a slight sweetness in the smooth finish.


Sweet Potatoes: La Crescent

A slightly sweet La Crescent is an excellent choice for sweet potato dishes. The wine’s light sweetness coincides with the natural sweetness of the dish, while its acidity prevents it from becoming overwhelming. This pairing enhances the sweet potato’s caramelized notes, especially if your recipe calls for a marshmallow topping! Walloon Lake Winery‘s Between The Buoys Blanc is the ideal semi-sweet La Crescent with fresh apricot and peach aromas.


Pumpkin Pie: Mead

Indulge in a slice of pumpkin pie alongside an exquisite mead to round off the feast. The wine’s sweetness mirrors the dessert’s flavors, while its acidity ensures a balanced and satisfying conclusion to your Thanksgiving meal. Boyne Valley Vineyard‘s MisBeehivin’ Mead is made from pure Michigan honey and is fermented to sweet sublimity!


Pairing wine with Thanksgiving dishes can elevate your time with friends and family, enhancing the flavors and creating memorable moments. Whether you choose a classic Pinot Noir for turkey or a sweet Riesling for sweet potatoes, there’s a wine to complement every dish on your holiday menu. So, this Thanksgiving, raise your glass to the joy of great company and a flavorful feast!