Innovation throughout the winemaking process is constant in curating unique wines. Enter Marquette wine, famous in cold-climate viticulture. With robust notes and unique flavors, the Marquette grape has fascinated wine fanatics with its ability to thrive in challenging northern climates. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the richness and intrigue of Marquette wine.


Unleashing the Potential of Cold-Climate Viticulture:

As a hybrid variety that was developed to flourish in harsh winter conditions, Marquette grapes produce exceptional wines. Marquette was curated by the University of Minnesota in 2006, quickly gaining attention for its quality and versatility.


Distinctive Flavor Profile:

A bold profile with an impressive balance of fruity and earthy notes ultimately sets Marquette wine apart. A unique combination of cherry, blackberry, and plum compliments the hints of spice and subtle oak. The overall symphony of taste with each sip is genuinely astounding.


Versatility and Food Pairings:

Due to its robust nature, Marquette wine’s versatility complements many dishes. Whether grilled meats, hearty stews, or savory vegetarian options are on the menu, Marquette adds an extraordinary flavor enhancement to the dining experience. We recommend pairing a delectable New York strip steak or blackened walleye with a glass of Marquette.


Cellaring Potential:

The structure and tannins in Marquette wine make for excellent cellaring potential, making the aging process an evolution of flavor progression through time. Although delightful when enjoyed in their youth, those patient enough to cellar a bottle will be stunned by an incredible transformation of flavor and complexities.


Exploring Marquette Wine Around the World:

Though Marquette is widely grown in the United States, particularly in regions with cold climates like Northern Michigan, the youthful discovery is spreading to other corners of the world. Winemakers in Canada, Germany, and other cool-climate regions have embraced the grape’s potential and are producing exquisite Marquette wines that highlight the diversity of terroir.


Petoskey Wine Region Marquette Picks:

Throughout our region, wineries have mastered the art of curating a Marquette wine that stands apart. Here are three examples of how our winemakers have made it their own:

As America’s first and only maple winery, Maple Moon Sugarbush and Winery in Petoskey, MI, has put their own spin on wine. They discovered a way to ferment the natural sugars using maple syrup, creating a rare flavor profile. Their Maple Marquette exemplifies a harmony of mouthwatering red fruits and gentle tannins, creating a delightful symphony of flavors on the palate.

As a multi-generational tradition, Walloon Lake Winery in Petoskey, MI, artfully combines tradition, cold hardy grape varieties, and modern winemaking techniques to craft a distinct and mouthwatering product that has earned numerous accolades. Their Estate Marquette is produced and bottled on their property, crafted through native fermentation on whole clusters. It boasts a pure and natural character, with minimal intervention and a low addition of free sulphur before bottling. This wine is only available to wine club members.

Crooked Vine Vineyard and Winery is located in Alanson, MI. Established in 2013, they desired to produce wines that highlight the region. They have done precisely that with their 2020 Marquette, which is an intriguing interplay of a medium-bodied red wine that delicately dances on the palate, revealing an exquisite balance between luscious black cherry notes and enticing spice nuances.


Regardless of the recent discovery of Marquette grapes, winemakers’ ingenuity and dedication in cold-climate regions have proven a true testament to this varietal. Between its unique flavors, superb adaptability, and solid aging potential, Marquette has taken over the world of wine by standing out amongst the rest. As you venture into the world of wine in the Petoskey Wine Region, immerse yourself in the story behind this gem. Plan your Marquette tasting tour through the Petoskey Wine Region today!